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Reapers protect their own. But in a secret society full of villains and sinners, anyone can become your enemy… 



I like to break things. Delicate things. Pretty things. Anything I can get my damaged hands on.

And Nicolette Hollis will find out how far I’m prepared to go to destroy her.


Her uncle shouldn’t have forced me to be her bodyguard because when I’m done, nothing will be able to stitch her back together. Not even her stalker can pry her from my savage grip.


I’m more dangerous than him.


Lettie’s mine. Maybe forever.




Paxton Westwood is a cruel, sadistic, and vindictive Reaper. Stuck together day and night, he torments me with his filthy, depraved mouth.


When he discovers my dark secret, he uses his brutality to tempt my deviant side.


But Pax has secrets and scars too.


Fleeing the safety of Trinity Grove might cost me my life.


Staying will definitely cost me my soul.

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